Welcome to the Pingdex Blog & Newsletter!

Welcome to the Pingdex Blog & Newsletter!
Photo by Lavi Perchik / Unsplash

Welcome fellow Democrats & Progressives to the Pingdex Blog!

The Pingdex blog is a new web and written series completely focused on helping you improve your call time program. Each month we hope to bring you a video deep dive and a written piece about call time outreach, relationship management and campaign fundraising operations.

We also plan to share resources such as spreadsheet templates and more to help you craft your programs.  Our hope is that you’ll learn new skills, keep up with the latest call time and outreach trends, and best of all, help you raise more money.

I'm David. I am a Democratic fundraiser and one of the founders of Pingdex, the call time app. Before Pingdex, I staffed and prepped call time for candidates of all levels of office, from school board races to Presidential races.

While call time tools will be mentioned and referenced, most of the tips and tricks you see here on the blog will not require you to use Pingdex or another paid platform. This is meant to be a resource for all Democrats & Progressives and we hope you find it helpful!

In addition to myself, the blog will feature guest contributors from across our party. You’ll get the chance to learn from candidates, top fundraisers, and compliance professionals in addition to your friends here at Pingdex. We hope you find the blog informative and don’t hesitate to reach out with questions, suggestions, or topics you’d like to see covered.

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Happy Calling!